Vehicle Use


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University Transportation Services Staff have been taking feedback from our customers via our Customer Feedback Reports. The feedback has resulted in major improvements to make renting a vehicle from UTS easier.


UTS is pleased to announce some new policy/procedure changes to Agile Fleet Commander and the Motor Vehicle Record Check process.


*  Effective Immediately motor vehicle record checks for everyone will expire 12 months after date of approval. (Prior to this change some checks were valid for 6 months and some for 12 months.)


*  Effective Immediately anyone with an approved Agile Fleet Commander profile can check out a reservation via kiosk using the confirmation number instead of being listed as a driver. The driver listed on the original reservation can forward the confirmation number to the new driver and they will be able to pick up the vehicle in the kiosk via confirmation number. Great examples as to when to use this feature would be if someone is unexpectedly ill and someone else from their department needs to attend a meeting in their place. Another wonderful time to use this feature is at the beginning of the semester professors can make all of their reservations at one time for the whole semester and as the weeks go by the proper confirmation number can be sent to whomever the driver is for that week. Please remember for this feature to work properly the person checking out the vehicle still must have an approved profile in Agile Fleet Commander.


* Another feature that is not new, but is not as well known is that you can check in a set of keys for another driver. To use this feature the user returning the keys will log into Agile Fleet Commander and pick the option of check in keys via key number. The key number is the 1-3 digit number between 1 - 156 that is typed on the black card holder case attached to the keys. This number is the corresponding slot in the kiosk not the license plate number of the vehicles.


* Just a reminder to all drivers that the pin number for the fuel is 1858.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our staff at 515-294-1882.


Thank you and drive safe!

Please click on the following link to read our Fleet Safety and Vehicle Use/Rental policy: